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young Marvel heroes & new comm

Monday night, I added 3 pages to ymresourceNew Mutants squad, Tag & an issue summary for X-Factor (III); Layla Miller / "Stuff Happens"
I also started the 'daily images' comm for Marvel Comics. Technacally created it yesterday but only got it up and running today. Unlike the daily_scifi comm, it's just an image (or quote or whatever) and not an artical, so I will not be cross-posting it here.
 marveloncedaily   -   marveloncedaily   -   marveloncedaily   -   marveloncedaily   -   marveloncedaily  
   fullmetal_cute, I had you in mind when I wrote the 'warning' on the profile page. ^_^
-(I suspect I'll end up making the BtVS one I was talking about as well in the next few days.)
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